David J Higgins Consulting Ltd is an independent firm of engineers, designers, project managers, architects, surveyors and technicians. DHJC works across sectors to ensure buildings are sustainable and efficient. From design to maintenance, we provide expert assistance to our clients, guiding exciting projects from conception, through tender to completion, and beyond.


The design of our built environment is key to reducing our carbon footprint. This is why we place sustainability at the forefront of every project. We conceive and deliver innovative designs using state-of-the-art technologies to create and manage cleaner, greener buildings.

However, we understand that sustainability has more than one dimension. Buildings need to be sustainable both environmentally and economically. This is why our designs and services are always streamlined and cost-effective, so buildings are as financially viable as they are energy-efficient.

Expertise is central to delivering on this mission. We recruit experienced professionals and visionary new talent to ensure that we apply the most creative, environmentally sound, and economical solution to every project. With this foundation of expertise, we work towards making our built environment better for people and the planet.


It is vitally important that a building is fit for purpose, comfortable to use, and sustainable in every sense. This is why DJHC provides a bespoke service to every client. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we apply sophisticated modelling or traditional calculations to maximise the potential of a space.

We recognise that maintaining the comfort and sustainability of a building requires an ongoing relationship. The maintenance of existing buildings has its own unique challenges, which is why we provide continuing support to our clients, ensuring buildings services are high performance and cost-effective.

We pride ourselves on clarity and transparency. While applying innovative new technologies and seasoned expertise, our guidance is always concise and easy to understand. This approach allows us to map a clear path to delivery, ensuring new projects and maintenance are effective and costs are kept under control.


David J Higgins established the firm that shares his name in 2016. David has 25 years’ experience of working in the construction and engineering management consulting industry. He founded DJHC to bring together a team that reflected his approach to consultancy: high-quality, performance-driven, and efficient.

Since, the firm has worked on numerous projects for diverse organisations, including large-scale commercial developments, private homes, and public buildings. This portfolio of previous projects reflects the firm’s commitment to quality, no matter the scale or purpose of the building.