Chestnut Grove School

Chestnut Grove School

Chestnut Grove School, now known as Chestnut Grove Academy, is a semi-selective secondary school for boys and girls in Balham, London Borough of Wandsworth. In 2007, the school commissioned DJHC to design and install gas-fired radiant heaters in the four pavilions that comprise the art department, as part of a £27k project.

As many of us will remember from cold winters in secondary school, chilly classrooms aren’t very conducive to learning. A comfortable classroom environment is essential to the working environment of both students and teachers, so MEP plays perhaps a more significant role in effective learning than one might think.

If a classroom is only occupied for one to two hours, it is essential that the heating system is efficient and effective, especially in the winter months. That is why DJHC recommended that Chestnut Grove install radiant heaters in the art department, which was constructed in the 1980s. Radiant heaters warm up quickly, and as suggested by the name, radiate heat to directly warm the body as opposed to the ambient space.

Furthermore, gas-fired radiant heaters are very cost and energy-efficient. Whereas other types of radiant heaters – for instance pub garden space heaters – are seen as notorious energy-guzzlers, the type of radiant heater fitted in Chestnut Grove’s classrooms heat rapidly and effectively while conserving energy. With this type of radiant heater, institutions could see their energy bills reduced by as much as 50%.

Equally, the installation of the radiant heaters was far less disruptive than a full overhaul of the buildings’ central heating system. Conveniently and easily suspended from the ceiling, these gas-fired radiant heaters upgraded the art department’s heating system with minimal disruption. The result was a warm, comfortable classroom environment where Chestnut Grove’s students can express their creativity, while the school saves money and effectively manages its energy consumption.