International Women in Engineering Day 2022

International Women in Engineering Day 2022

Tomorrow is International Women in Engineering Day, an event organised by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES). WES is a charity founded in 1919 after the end of the First World War, when women who had been employed in engineering to make up for the shortage of men, found they couldn’t keep their jobs.

A change in the law that allowed women engineers to continue in their posts led to the establishment of WES. Every year, WES works tirelessly to promote pioneering women in engineering. The most up-to-date statistics suggest that 16.5% of engineers are female. Although there’s still work to do, this represents a 2% increase on last year’s data alone, and an enormous 25.7% increase from 2016.

To celebrate this year’s International Women in Engineering Day, we want to share some of the achievements of the wonderful women on the team at DJHC. Introducing Zanna Piwko, DHJC’s CAD technician, Ashley Young, our administrator and Jemma Owen, Operations Director.

Women in engineering at DJHC

DJHC is dedicated to promoting inclusivity in engineering, which is why we’re proud to have amazing women like ZannaAshley and Jemma on the team. Zanna, originally from Poland, has a background in interior design and architecture. She moved into engineering thanks to her exceptional skills with technology and digital drawing. Now, she uses her creativity and flair to produce technical drawings and designs for DJHC projects.

Meanwhile, Ashley works hard to keep everyone organised. As DJHC’s administrator, she uses her eye for detail to make sure that all of the team’s activities run as smoothly as possible. From making sure the office operates like a well-oiled machine to liaising with clients, Ashley is an indispensable part of DJHC’s inner workings and public face.

Jemma, Director of Operations, is yet another key figure here at DJHC.   She helps departments to implement business strategies and guidelines based on company goals.  Monitoring the businesses overall progress and frequently engaging in client and employee relations, Jemma ensures everything is as it should be and is an essential part of the DJHC team.

Discover more women making waves in engineering

WES has many more brilliant resources to discover more about women in engineering. To cap off this tribute to women in engineering, we invite you to take a look at WES’s Magnificent Women campaign. Their run down of 50 amazing women engineers includes some truly incredible achievements.

Some of our highlights include Dawn Childs, aeronautical engineer turned roller coaster designer, turned Chief Executive Officer of Operations; Danella Bagnel, Land Rover’s first-ever female vehicle programme director, now Vehicle Programme Quality Director; and Roma Agrawal, author and structural engineer for The Shard and a current member of the Mayor of London’s Infrastructure Advisory Panel. Take a look at the presentation to discover more inspiring careers.

The stories of these amazing women in engineering are essential to inspiring more young girls to become engineers. According to statistics published by Engineering UK, only 60% of girls aged 11 to 14 think they could become an engineer, compared to 72% of boys. This drops to 53% in the 16 to 19 age range, where only a quarter of girls say they would consider a career in engineering.

Real-world role models are essential to encouraging more girls into engineering, so if you’ve got a budding engineer in your house, why not share some of these inspiring women this International Women in Engineering Day? Meanwhile, here at DJHC, we’ll be celebrating the wonderful women on our team.



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