Know the basics of keeping private pools clean and healthy

Know the basics of keeping private pools clean and healthy

When thinking about starting a new construction project, water supply planning is an important, early-stage component that should never be ignored. Without a clean water supply, water can easily become a threat to our health. This supply is the lifeblood that allows us to safely cook food, drink water, wash and enjoy water for leisure, such as in swimming pools or Jacuzzis.

For the lucky few of us with the space and budget, what better way to enjoy a swim than in the privacy of your own home. Can you imagine that perfect slice of paradise in your own garden? Blissful. However, with great luxury comes great responsibility. The right design, contractor and maintenance are essential to ensure a safe, healthy space.

We recently talked about the threat of a common water-borne illness – Legionnaires’ disease. This illness attacks our lungs, and the bacteria that causes (legionella) can be found in most natural water sources such as rivers, reservoirs and lakes. More seriously, however, this hazardous bacterium can also make its way into facilities like swimming pools and spas.

The health, safety and maintenance of pools and spas

It’s usually commercial pools that have strict provisions for the prevention of Legionnaires’, but these shouldn’t be ignored in domestic spaces. So what measures are taken to ensure we’re safe in private pools?  How can we guarantee we aren’t at risk of contracting water-borne illnesses like Legionnaires’?

With summer just around the corner, private swimming pools will be coming into their own. These key factors should be considered when thinking about how water is cleaned:

  1. Water treatment, water recirculation and water replacement.
  2. Water quality monitoring and record keeping.
  3. General facility maintenance and hygiene.
  4. Bather hygiene and usage patterns.

The risk of bacterial contamination is low when best practices are applied. The safe use of chlorine, the regular monitoring of pH levels, properly fitted water filtration systems and the recirculation of water are the best practices for maintaining a safe environment for us to enjoy. By advocating for these simple practices, we can ensure the pools and spas we visit will remain safe and enjoyable.

An oasis of your very own

There’s no doubt these commodities are some of the most exciting additions to any home or property, raising the value by a substantial amount. Water is a basic, fundamental aspect of any building – but it can be a fun addition or a luxurious touch, providing the design and construction are up to scratch.

For pool and spa building, consultancy will be incredibly useful should you decide to break ground. Our experts at DJHC can advise you on the local water supply, the laws and regulations, the construction requirements, project management and the health and safety measures needed for you to enjoy your new oasis. Contact us here.



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