Maintaining ventilation systems to keep air quality high and costs down

Maintaining ventilation systems to keep air quality high and costs down

This year, World Health Day on the 7th April coincides with Stress Awareness Month. Stress levels have a profound connection to our health, and in the wake of the pandemic, they’re running high. This is not least due to rising cases of COVID-19, but the rising cost of living in the UK, particularly energy bills. For homeowners and businesses alike, these huge price hikes are a serious cause for concern.

In regard to keeping our homes and workplaces comfortable and healthy, ventilation is a key aspect of HVAC. As the pandemic health advice has drummed into us, coronavirus spreads slower in well-ventilated spaces. The cheapest and most straightforward way to do this is to keep windows open. However, for many spaces, particularly those in businesses, this isn’t always possible, either for architectural or comfort reasons (particularly in an unpredictable British summer!).

Therefore, running efficient ventilation systems is essential to maintaining air quality and keeping costs down. In light of current events, an ignorance-is-bliss approach won’t cut the mustard, so here, we outline the basics to set you on the path to cleaner air for less.

Stay abreast of essential parts

Recently, we shared a piece on the summer essentials to keep your air conditioning running effectively. The same principles apply to any HVAC system, with the filter being of particular importance when it comes to maintaining air quality. However, these parts aren’t made to last. An old filter will seriously impact the efficiency of the unit, allowing dirt and debris into the airflow. Furthermore, blockages will increase the workload of the system, wasting energy.

Staying on top of the thermostat is also key. By monitoring the timer and temperature settings, you can reduce costs by only having the system on at peak times. This is because knowledge is power – and this is only the most basic strategy. We’ll move on to more sophisticated systems next.

Run a data-driven system

As we have asserted, knowledge is power, and that means data. The most sophisticated ventilation and air purification systems will incorporate intelligent sensors to measure air quality. This gives you a vital insight into how efficiently the system is working, enabling you to keep air quality as high as possible. Moreover, it’ll ensure the purifier, air conditioning unit or ventilation system is running at the optimum capacity.

Some models, such as these, also include smart maintenance updates. This will enable you to stay ahead of the parts and repairs mentioned in the previous section, combining these two essential pieces of wisdom. With automatic alerts to the supplier, maintaining the purifier will save you as much time as it will money.

Clean air is vital to our health. Maintaining a high-functioning ventilation and purification system needn’t cost the earth. Keeping costs under control is essential to managing stress as a business owner, and in turn, maintaining a healthier mindset. DJHC strongly recommends you invest in maintaining and improving your HVAC system in the workplace, to keep your team and the bottom line healthy. Click here to learn more.



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