Building Services Consultancy

Design and project management of mechanical, electrical and public health services.

In any property, Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health installations are key components that ensure the efficiency and sustainability of the building. It is always important that buildings are fit for purpose and comfortable to use. DJHC provides advice, support, design, problem solving, installation and project management services so that you can maximise the potential of your building.

Maintenance Services

Ensuring existing services are performing as they should, providing solutions when they’re not and investigating ways to improve future operations.

Managing the maintenance of existing buildings can sometimes present its own unique challenges that require highly technical insight in order to find solutions. Improving any space through innovative design or new technology while ensuring running costs are kept low and efficiency is maximised can be a complex task. Operating a portfolio of buildings brings with it additional demands and tasks. The DJHC team are on hand to help.

Condition Surveys

Inspecting and reporting on the likely cost of running, replacing and enhancing existing installations provide customers with valuable information enabling them to make decisions, plan revenue and capital expenditure over short, medium and long terms.

The DJHC team are experienced and effective in carrying out condition surveys over a wide range of properties.

Procurement Management

Knowledgeable assessments of subcontractor and supplier submissions, tender analysis and cost management can streamline procurement and keep costs under control.

DJHC provide this service to many clients.

Thermal Analysis

Using state of the art software such as IES™, DesignBuilder™ and Revit™, we can build a virtual model of any building, and analyse it across different conditions and dynamic weather scenarios to identify risk areas such as overheating, thermal bridging, and excessive energy consumption.

DJHC present the results in a concise and easy to understand format.


Navigating the sometimes tricky journey to deliver projects from start to finish can be daunting to many customers.

DJHC are on hand to connect the dots and identify the clear path to project delivery.

MEP Services Design

DJHC deliver complete design packages from RIBA Stages 0-3, and 4-5 in the nationally accepted BSRIA BG6/2018 format. Our trained engineers and technicians are experienced in Computer Aided Design and Revit, alongside other specialised packages such as Relux, IES™ and DesignBuilder™.

Following CIBSE and other industry guidelines to deliver installations compliant with regulations and industry standards.

Carbon Saving Technologies

Attention to energy saving and the protecting the environment is key to delivering sustainable buildings for now and the future. DJHC deliver complete and innovative designs using the latest technology including heat pumps, electric heating, low energy lighting, thermal storage, CHP, and district heating schemes.

We are experienced in collaborating in energy saving and environmental initiatives such as BREEAM.

Heating and Cooling Calculation

Sometimes smaller and medium-sized projects demand a more traditional approach to system design, without the need for complex modelling.

DJHC provide a calculation service to provide simple, economic and energy efficient heating and cooling installations.Heating and Cooling calculation.

Daylighting Assessments

Investigation, analysis and virtual model building can assess the effect of new developments on the existing daylight access to neighbouring windows and amenity areas. Using the nationally accepted BRE guide BR209.

DJHC can produce comprehensive reports on these effects, and suggested mitigation strategies Daylighting Assessments.