The summer essentials for your HVAC system

The summer essentials for your HVAC system

If you hadn’t already noticed (and we hope you have…or you will have been late to everything!) British Summer Time began on the 27th of this month.  This means warmer days, lighter nights, and some extra planning for staying cool over the summer season. Although turning our clocks ahead by one hour may seem like an unassuming seasonal ritual, it can have some real effects on the way we control the temperature.

When it comes to keeping your building comfortable this summer, maintenance is essential. Heatwaves mean air conditioners are going to be working overtime in the coming months and it’s important our HVAC systems work safely, not just in the cooling and heating sense, but also from a health perspective.

Filters don’t last forever

Air conditioner filters aren’t made to last. Unfortunately, remembering to check and replace them it’s something that often slips by the wayside in busy working environments, which can lead to serious problems down the road. Over time, the dirt and debris caught by filters will start to obstruct airflow.

Not only does this increase the workload of the cooling system, but it can lead to health problems because pollutants and dust particles have the potential to find their way into the building’s atmosphere. Also, as these filters deteriorate, they release debris directly into the mechanical components of the air conditioning system, which can lead to mechanical breakdowns.

By replacing the filters often, you can significantly reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC system and avoid costly and untimely repairs. The last thing we want is our air conditioner breaking down in the middle of a summer heatwave.

Thermostat monitoring to improve comfort levels

Another recommendation for the summer season is to closely monitor the thermostat. By automating and moderating the timer and temperature settings of the air conditioner, you can reduce energy costs and put less stress on your unit by running it only when needed, at peak hours.

Something else that’s recommended to stay cool is to keep your windows closed. As we discussed in our article on the importance of ventilation, outside air can have a major impact on a building’s temperature and moisture levels. A strategic combination of properly sealed windows alongside portable fans placed around the house can effectively ventilate a space and provide some of the most comfortable cooling solutions around.

Enjoy the summer days to come

Even if you’re just making minor adjustments to stay cool this summer, the clocks going forward is always an excellent time of the year to schedule a professional inspection of your HVAC system. This is especially true for older buildings that might not be up to the job, wasting precious energy and indeed, cash.

Depending on the set-up, a standard service will cover tasks such as flushing the condensate drain system, cleaning and lubricating the blower assembly, cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils and assessing the refrigerant levels. Proper maintenance of your system can always be guaranteed with the help of a trusted MEP engineer. Find out more here.



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