What the MEP industry can do to reduce CO2 emissions in construction

What the MEP industry can do to reduce CO2 emissions in construction

Climate change is among the biggest challenges that we have to overcome. Measures to deal with this crisis are always being implemented all over the globe, but we still have a long way to go. With all other industries making changes to ensure that less carbon dioxide is emitted, all eyes are on the MEP industry. In 2019, buildings and construction accounted for 39% of global CO2 emissions, operational emissions accounted for 28%, and materials and construction processes accounted for 11%. The WorldGBC hopes to achieve 100% net-zero emissions in 2050, and here is what the MEP industry can do to make that dream a reality.

Use renewable energy

Diesel, gasoline, light fuel, and other petroleum products are the primary sources of energy in the construction sector, and they are notorious emitters of CO2. Substituting these energy sources for renewable and carbon-free sources of energy sources such as solar will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions during the construction process.

Integrate AI with HVAC systems

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning comprises up to 40% of all carbon emissions. However, by using the most efficient HVAC systems together with scheduled maintenance and efficient operations, we can be able to reduce the carbon footprint. The application of artificial intelligence to HVAC systems helps increase energy efficiency and reduces waste by automating the process.

Proper water usage

A significant percentage of CO2 produced in buildings is generated from the amount of energy used to treat, supply, and use water. Water-oriented strategies such as using plumbing materials that prevent leaks and overall water loss significantly reduce energy use as well as the emission of greenhouse gases. Also, using effective appliances and fixtures such as high-efficient cisterns with decreased average flush volumes reduces water usage.



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