Why drone surveying might be the key to unlocking more value in your building

Why drone surveying might be the key to unlocking more value in your building

Traditional surveying techniques require meticulous planning, measurements and trained experts. It’s a substantial task before a project commences, and certainly, an important one. But considering technology has done so much to make other aspects of the design and construction process more efficient, how can surveying be streamlined? The answer lies in the skies: drone surveying.

Drones can capture a phenomenal amount of highly accurate information in a short period. This enables a faster surveying process that, in turn, is more cost-effective. Drones can also deliver a range of readings, from thermal and multispectral maps to point cloud and 3D imaging. At the planning stage, this allows for a complete picture of the potential challenges or opportunities.

With this information, contractors can assess land suitability, plot boundaries, subdivisions, site safety and regulatory issues, all before the ground is even broken – and with a substantially more compact team. Let’s look closer at the three key reasons why drone surveying is so useful.

It’s cost and time effective

A normal survey would usually take days or weeks to complete. In contrast, a drone survey can happen in a matter of hours. Not only does this cut the time spent waiting for reports before the work can go ahead, but it also reduces labour costs. The same goes if the project is already in progress; if construction has already started, the non-disruptive nature of surveys from the air ensures that work can continue undisturbed.

They take less manpower

Surveying from the ground requires multiple specialists, technicians and assistants. However, with a drone survey, you generally only need one or two operators. Back at the office, an expert will analyse the data and draw up the report. This dramatically cuts the cost of labour, and furthermore, reduces the potential for human error. It’s a win-win for the contractor and the client, saving everyone’s time and money.

Drone surveying is incredibly precise

Up in the air, the drone will take a series of high-definition photographs of the site at various angles. This enables built-in software to create hundreds or even thousands of accurate data points. These include elevation, geo-references, and colours. In turn, desktop software can create 3D models of sites with incredibly accurate distances and measurements, often to the closest centimetre. This is, naturally, invaluable intelligence.

Get the most out of your budget

The accuracy of the results and turnaround time of drone surveying streamlines a multitude of processes in construction. It’s the modern way to gather precise data while saving money and time, not to mention manpower. There are other perks too; when progression or maintenance surveys can be carried out without disturbing activity on-site, it’s not just more efficient, it’s also safer.

With these savings, you can really make the most out of your project, whether it’s spending more on sustainable features or ensuring that you’re bang on schedule. David J. Higgins Consultants is already rolling this cutting-edge survey out to our clients – so get in touch to find out what drone surveying could bring to your project.



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